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A Stepping Stone……

My name is Amber and my children were hosted by Keith and Jessa for several months while I was in prison. My story is proof God works all things together for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose, and most importantly, even if we make our bed in hell, He is there with us. 

About 2 weeks before I had to report to prison, I finally admitted to myself that I had no safe place for my children to go. I began writing letters to all the local churches in Burleson. My letter was passed along to Kady at Safe Families.

Kady contacted me to talk and then got back to me a few days later.  She had found a family that might be interested!  We met with Jessa and Keith for 2 hours at McDonalds.  They needed to think and said they would get back to me.

Within a few days, Kady let me know that Jessa and Keith had accepted my children and they would be willing to host them!

A few days later, I dropped my kids off in the HEB parking lot with a family I’d only met for 2 hours in a McDonald’s playground. At that point, I had to fully put every ounce of trust I had in God to protect my children and step out in faith that Keith and Jessa were what I believed that they were.

When I say that you can never outdo God, I mean you can never outdo God! Keith and Jessa were everything and so much more than I could have ever imagined.  My children bonded on such an intimate level with them. I will forever consider Keith, Jessa, Wyatt, and Kennedy a part of our family.

God not only showed up, He showed off. Throughout the past few years, I made some really bad decisions. But I can honestly say that choosing Safe Families was one of, if not the best, decision I ever made in my life. Our family is whole and restored. Safe Families was a stepping stone that helped that happen.