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More than parks and popsicle walks…

It has been almost a year since my family’s first hosting experience. In the midst of navigating end of school year activities and preparing to be away from home for several weeks, our oldest daughter and I went to meet a mother and her daughter and son, ages 5 and 2. After signing paperwork and spending a few hours together, the children came home with us and stayed for three weeks.
The children quickly adapted to our home and family. They enjoyed playing at the park, reading books, attending church and volleyball games, and swimming. Their favorite activity, though, was what they called popsicle walks, aptly named because every evening we walked around the neighborhood eating popsicles.
It wasn’t all parks and popsicle walks, of course. The children were confused by their circumstances, processing a lot of change, and missing mom and home. But even during the moments of grief or difficulty we were able to comfort and be comforted, love and be loved.
Since the initial hosting, our friendship with the mother and her children has grown. The children spend weekends with us once in a while. God has led our families to know, understand, and care for each other. It is a gift for all of us.

Jennifer and Dan, a Host Family