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Tank and Cream Puff

Our first Safe Families placement recently returned home. Twin babies we were privileged to love on for two months. “Tank,” a strong little dude with an easy-going personality. His sister “Cream Puff,” a little princess who was either all smiles and coos or all screams and tears. We absolutely adored them both. The Lord has grown our faith and taught us much through our first hosting experience.

We’ve learned of many wonderful opportunities that Safe Families offers. The opportunity to begin building relationship with the birth family from day one. Exchanging cell numbers in order to text updates and pictures is a freedom we rarely had during our years as foster parents. The opportunity for us to serve together as a family. All our kids pitched in—feeding their fair share of bottles, entertaining babies at home or on the go, and praying for this sweet family (while at the same time doing their best to get out of diaper duty!). And the opportunity to work with wonderful, like-minded people, such as our family coach and the DFW Safe Families director.

We’ve learned that twin infants are…well…a lot! Holy moly. Fourteen bottles every day, give or take. At least as many diapers. Mounds of laundry, especially when you throw reflux into the mix. Yep, pretty much gallons of spit-up. My husband frequently remarked that two babies is way more than twice the work. It’s true. But those babes also bring countless adorable smiles, hours of sweet cuddles, and nearly constant melt-your-heart coos. The one thing there is not much of is sleep. Not. At. All. Kudos to all you parents of twins out there! You have my utmost respect.

Finally, we’ve learned once again to trust the Lord and His plan. The hosting did not end as all had hoped—with congratulatory high fives, all goals achieved, and every need met. This young family still faces many obstacles. However, the Lord knows this. He knows the rest of their story. And He loves these precious little ones and their parents infinitely more than we do. He is trustworthy. Our job is simply to love and pray. And this we will gladly continue to do.

Rebecca and David, a Host Family