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When you know what you are supposed to be doing to help

I heard about Safe Families for Children from a Facebook friend, Kady Weathers. I was immediately intrigued. I have always been passionate about caring for and teaching children. Since becoming a mother myself I understand how vital having a community of support is. Safe Families seemed to be a perfect fit, combining things I love the most.

Though Nick always trusted the calling and was on board with hosting a child, I admittedly dragged my feet during the process and told myself all the excuses – we have small children, we are moving. A lot of it was fear and uncertainty. How could we bring another child into our home? What would that be like? I tried to ignore the calling until I could no longer. God was speaking directly to me. I could feel Him in my soul. This is what I am supposed to be doing.

We did all the requirements and within a couple months we got a request to host a 4 year old girl for two months. Our girls welcomed her from day one and were so excited to have a new playmate. For us it was a little harder. There was a lot of self-doubt at the beginning. I knew these thoughts were not of Him. I knew this is what He called us to do and we needed to trust in Him. We did. We let go of all the self-doubt. We fully trusted and fully gave our hearts to her. She was 100% a part of our family. We laughed, loved, played, sang, danced and prayed together. Saying goodbye to her was extremely difficult for all of us, but the reward our souls gained from having her in our home will last a lifetime. She opened our hearts and minds in ways we never knew possible. For that alone we are forever indebted to Him.

Safe Families has become my passion. My goal is to spread the word of love, volunteerism, community and hope.

–  Hilari and Nick, a Host Family