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Our Hearts Were Drawn To It

Amanda and Tyler are all about family and faith. They have 3 daughters, one of whom is in college. They are involved in several ministries around families. They learned about Safe Families from another Host Family they know from one of these ministries. Amanda shares that they love the Safe Families philosophy. “Our hearts were drawn to it!” 

Shortly after completing their training, Amanda received a call. Could they Host a pre-schooler while her Mom went to the hospital to give birth to her brother?  “Yes!”  

In the “way too short” time they hosted O, they loved on her in so many ways. Their youngest daughter loved to play with O while their middle daughter “became quite the Mommy” to her. Their neighborhood experienced O’s “sunshine”, too, as she joined in the walk to school each day.  “She ministered to our hearts and to the neighbors,” Amanda shared.

They also enjoyed beginning their relationship with O’s Mom. Through texting twice a day and a phone call each evening, O’s Mom reached out to introduce her new brother. Amanda, Tyler and their daughters are looking forward to continuing to come alongside this family who “brought so much joy to our home.”